Still Unknown provides graphic design solutions that will set up your brand’s foundation in the industry. With creative expertise in typography, illustration, and strategic design, StillUnknown team creates visual compositions that translate your voice into impactful  visuals.


Our designers background in different cultures, years of professional graphic design experience and proficiency provide a unique approach to creating your visual identity, designing ads and advertorials that serve your branding and imaging through print and digital publications.


Target your desired cliantele with visual representation that tells your story. Our creative process brand and visual identity development creates the cornerstone for your personal, produce or company’s brand representation on the market.


Simple and complex promotional material with quick turnaround!* 
We create your visual representation which reflects a message through ads and editorials designed for digital platforms and print.


Our strategically developed package design and solutions reflect and highlight all of your product features, making sure it's presented in the best light.


Translating abstract and technical ideas into simple infographs or complex illustrations! Create a visual link you can use for storyboarding, mapping, client presentations and all sorts of promotional materials.



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