Still Unknown offers a full video production service that will bring your film vision to the big screen. We are your creative-ready partner taking you step by step thorough the stages of pre-production, production and post production to the final publishing and screening. We grow with technological trends and make sure our use of state-of-the-art camera equipment and post production softwares represent your visions to exceed industry expectations.


Translate your organization’s visions and plans effectively to internal and external stakeholders.


Our expertise include corporate, promotional and industrial videos, client testimonials, as well as training and instructional videos.


By visually documenting your concerts, weddings, company activities and various event gatherings we're not just filming the happenings. Our team captures the atmosphere, emotions - creating unforgettable memories that will record the success of people and organizations to boost morale.​


Producing original, unique and artistic pursuits with upcoming as well as renowned talent and creative entrepreneurs to showcase their artistry through promotional and music videos that will entertain and capture audiences’ hearts.


Promoting businesses aimed at targeted consumers by highlighting product/service’s strengths with creative ingenuity, attention-grabbing visuals and a clear, meaningful message that reaches and expands.



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