The most complex part of any creative process, execution or management of a new project is starting one with a clear and complete vision. Still Unknown provides support in all pre-production areas of your project, we will help you with the initial crucial steps in order to assure the basis is set for a smooth further development.

Tell us your vision and let us consult, develop and breathe life into it! May it be a new product idea, a creative consumer engagement technique, or unique guerilla marketing campaign, a simple piece of artwork, a story to be told in images - whatever your mind comes to - we got you every step of the way!


Our production team is well experienced in permits procedures, grants, casting calls, insurance applications, scheduling and other production stages will help you start in the right way your endeavours.


Specializing in film, one of our biggest strengths is screenwriting, wether it's a small project or a full length feature.

We also offer copywriting, grants, applications as well as visual representation through storyboards and treatments for your projects!


Corporate events, themed festivities, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, weddings, open air events, festivals - you name it, we got it. From acquiring permits, paperwork, cost estimates to the actual management, production and finalization of your event project, we have got it all covered.

Let's talk!


Amongst other, we offer developing marketing and consumer engagement strategies, interlaced social media  marketing maintenance through multiple platforms, SEO creation and maintenance, as well as client relationship management (CRM) through newsletter blasts. 


Your existing online presence needs a tweak, but not a full makeover?

You need to make sure your content is regularly updated following the seasonal trends and changes?

Arrange weekly, monthly or service-on-demand plan with our maintenance team!

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